Student Experience

Students coming to լи City will be part of our very first City Campus cohort! The campus culture is yours to create and enjoy, and we are dedicated to facilitating clubs, societies, recreation, and activities to suit your needs.

Students learning in the Science facilities at the լи Kensington campus
լи has established a new campus in Canberra’s City centre. We are currently located and working within the Canberra Institute of Technology, Reid Campus. In 2024, լи will welcome our first undergraduate students. We will continue to grow within this space, and from 2026, լи will open new buildings on Constitution Avenue as part of our 'Stage 1 development'.

Campus Life

Students coming to լи City will be part of our very first City Campus cohort! The campus culture is yours to create and enjoy, and we are dedicated to facilitating clubs, societies, recreation, and activities to suit your needs. If you have any particular interests and ideas, please come and see Student Services or drop us a line viastudents@canberra.unsw.edu.au.

We're a 10-minute walk to the City Centre, where there are cultural events, markets, pubs, clubs, restaurants and parks, and an endless number of coffee shops to try out. Join us at our first Orientation Day where we have organised a range of activities and events to get you started in your first term.


A huge part of our culture is being connected to industry. Launch is լи’sDefenceInnovation Hub located in Canberra. Launch is a collaborative workingspace where we aim to create a vibrant and innovative environment where industry,government, and academia can come together to collaborate ondefenceand securityresearch and development. We currently host over a dozen companies and their 350employees that span across cyber security, space, artificial intelligence, anddefencetechnology.

Through our collaboration with լи Founders, the Canberra Innovation Network, theլи Career Discovery Mentoring Program (CDMP) and various other pathways,Launch is a valuable resource for students who are looking for internships in thedefenceand security sector. The internships offered by Launch collaborators on Northbourne canhelp students gain valuable experience, develop their skills, and make connections thatwill help them succeed in their careers. We also host and facilitate networking events,tours, mentorship and learning opportunities for լи students to visit our collaboratorsand learn about the entrepreneurship and innovation journey.

Student life

  • Canberra's Safety: Canberra consistently ranks as one of the safest and most liveable cities globally. With well-planned infrastructure and low crime rates, it provides a peaceful environment.

    On-site Security: լи City has a dedicated security service on-site, ensuring a safe campus environment.

  • Career Coaching Appointments

    Every լи student or recent graduatecanmeet individuallywith a լи Career Coach to plantheir career journeyand enhance their employability. These 20-minute sessions accommodate a variety of topics including career planning, building a resume, interview preparation and jobsearchadvice.

    Career Discovery Coaching Program

    The is self-paced and consists of 3 x 30 min sessions with a dedicated Career Coach. In this coaching program we will provide expert guidance to help you understand your motivations and professional interests, plan how to engage in employability programs during your degree, explore career pathways that will energise you and design your experience at լи.

    Leadership Foundations Program (term-based delivery)
    The Leadership Foundations Program is an recognised program that is available to all լи students. Whether you are just beginning your leadership journey or looking to further develop your leadership skills, this employability development program is for you.

    Career Discovery Mentoring Program

    The լи Career Discovery Mentoring Programconnects լи students with established industry professionals, providing students with a significant opportunity to focus on their career development. During the mentoring program, students will receive guidance from mentors and gain knowledge of industries and sectors, career options, industry trends, workplace culture and dynamics.

    Resume Checker

    Resume Checker is an online tool that provides AI-based feedback on your resume, allowing you to create a new or update an existing resume.

    Employability Resource Hub

    Easy-to-follow career development and job application guides, including employability online modules available through

    Video Interview Practice

    Practice your interview skills by using our online interview platform,. You will get the opportunity to respond to some common interview questions, record (and re-record) your responses and then review it.

  • լи City offers a range of Services via telehealth appointments for all լи students. We also offer a face-to-face psychology service. Appointments are convenient and can be made via telehealth. If students require or would like face-to-face appointments, լи City can arrange this. Please reach out to students@canberra.unsw.edu.au.
    Students can access all of Kensington's health and wellbeing services, excluding those that need to be completed face to face such as:

    • Vaccinations
    • Learn to swim program


    You're not alone in dealing with the pressures you may face as part ofyour studies. Our Student Services team has an open-door policy and is willing to talk to you about anychallenges you may be facing and direct you to additional support and resources.

    For support after hours and weekends you can call լи After Hours Mental Health Support line
    (02) 93855418 or text 0485 826 595. The line is open from 5.00pm - 9.00am and 24 hours on weekends and public holidays.

    The is located on main campus, լи Kensington in Sydney. This GP practice is bulk billed for students. Telehealth is offered to students who have been to the clinic for a face-to-face appointment in the last 12 months.

    There is a shared prayer room located on the ground floor of Building H. In addition, St John’s Church is just next door and is welcoming to all students.

  • was formed in 2006 and is a not-for-profit organisation for students studying at լи. It's symbolic of an umbrella covering all the students, clubs, and societies in its care.

    Arc is all about everything outside the classroom; from volunteering opportunities to free food, there are plenty of opportunities to find your interests and passions at uni with one ofArc's fun events or diverse clubs and societies.Better yet, create your own. Arc is always looking for new ideas for groups and societies that meet students' needs.

  • լи has a focus on creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment: This includes promoting diversity through a range of activities. Examples of these include:

    • Diversity Week: This week-long event celebrates the diversity of the լи community and features a variety of events, such as workshops, performances, and discussions.
    • Indigenous Awareness Week: This week-long event raises awareness of Indigenous culture andhistory and features a variety of events, such as cultural performances, workshops, and guestspeakers.
    • Queer Week: This week-long event celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community and features a variety of events, such as workshops, performances, and discussions.
    • Women in STEM Week: This week-long event celebrates the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and features a variety of events, such as workshops,performances, and discussions.
    • International Women's Day: This event celebrates the achievements of women around the world and features a variety of events, such as workshops, performances, and discussions.

    If you have an activity in mind, please come and see our Student Services Team.

    • Check out the ‘’ webpage/app -You can find pricing, capacity, and how full the carpark is online. 200 Constitution Avenue has plenty of spotsavailable, at the price of $12.00 for 8hrs. It is approximately a 3-minute walk to Building J from there.
    • Canberra has been designedwith Bike ridersas a priority. There are fantastic accessible bike paths all over the city, and bike rackslocated all over campus for you to store your bike.
    • Consider Public Transport! Canberra has a range of public transport options.There are zero-emission buses, light rail, and even rentable e-scooters accessible to all.
    • MyWaycards are a convenient way to travel on Canberra buses.Remember to "tap on" at the start of the journey and "tap off" at the end ofthe journey. This ensures the cheapest fare applies.
    • Top up the card using credit card, cash or BPAY. Buses do not operatebetween midnight and 6am, and after 7pm on Sundays and publicholidays.See for further information.
    • Canberra's light rail opened in April 2019 and runs every six minutes inpeak times from the City toGungahlin. There are currently extensionsthrough to the suburb ofWodenunderway. For more information including timetables, visit
  • Students at լи City will have access to the same academic support services that լи Kensington offers. Our student support team are gearing up to help you with everything you may need, which includes:

    • Learning & Academic Skills Support: We offer workshops, tutorials, and resources to enhance your academic skills, including time management, note-taking, essay writing and exam preparation.
    • լи Careers and Employment: While not strictly academic, the university's career services can assist students in finding internships, job opportunities, and career guidance.
    • Online Resources and Workshops: լи typically offers online resources and workshops on various academic and study-related topics to cater to the diverse needs of students.
    • Accessibility Services: For students with disabilities, լи often provides support services to ensure equal access to education. This might include accommodation for exams, note-taking assistance, and accessible materials.

Contact us

For general enquiries, questions or if you'd like to make a suggestion to make our campus life richer, we'd love to hear from you.

Send us an email atstudents@canberra.unsw.edu.au